Diversity & Inclusion

Progress of our D&I commitment

Cielo believes that promoting a diverse, inclusive and non-discriminatory environment, where all of its employees feel comfortable to be exactly who they are, is a vital path to growth and innovation within the Company.

In 2021, we launched the Diversity & Inclusion Manifesto and six official diversity-related commitments to be achieved by 2030, which position us as a company that holds the belief of moving the Market in a more plural, cross-sectional and inclusive direction.


Also in 2021, we published our Diversity and Inclusion Policy, whose main objective is to establish guidelines and governance to increase the representation of minority groups in the workforce and promote a culture of inclusion.

Cielo has defined representativeness goals, approved by the Board of Directors, that aim to make our workforce more diverse and representative by 2025.

2030 Diversity & Inclusion Commitments

Below, we present the progress of our six commitments to the practice and promotion of Diversity & Inclusion within the Company in 2021:

Representativeness Goals