Supporting Entrepreneurship

Fostering entrepreneurship is a transversal pillar of our activities and we seek to support initiatives aimed at generating income and contributing to the development of business in the country.

We support entrepreneurship with over 70 free courses, divided into four themes: digitalizing the business, getting ideas off the paper, promoting the business, and managing.

Digital transformation support

In the quest to offer increasingly digitalized solutions to our clients, we have reinforced Cielo Digi: a package of solutions and free courses to help our clients in their digital transformation journey.

Cielo DigiCast

We launched the Cielo Digicast, a podcast that covers topics related to digitalization that are relevant to the retail and entrepreneurial segments, promoting the qualification of the listeners.

Periferia Empreendedora

In 2021, we continued our sponsorship for the Fundo Periferia Empreendedora, with a contribution of R$60,000. In 2021, the Fund had a return of R$ 165,000
of the R$ 500,000 lent in 2020; part of this resource was invested in free training to support microentrepreneurs.