Private Social Investment

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In line with its Sustainability Policy, the Company supports social projects that comply with United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) linked to its business. Investments are made through incentive laws, such as the Rouanet Law, the Federal Law for Incentive to Sports, the Childhood and Adolescence Fund (FIA), the Senior Citizen Law, the National Program to Support Oncological Care (Pronon), and the National Program to Support Health Care for Persons with Disabilities (Pronas/Persons with Disabilities).

In 2018, the Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Office revisited its social investment strategy to adopt specific causes under incentive laws, with a stronger connection between social projects and Cielo’s business. The main assumptions added to the new strategy include:

  • Alignment with the business
  • Potential to Transform Society
  • Strengthening of Local Economy
  • Contribution to public agenda
  • Stakeholder engagement – clients, suppliers, employees and society

Today we support social projects through incentives provided by law and with the following focuses:

Education: Promoting initiatives that contribute to improving education – basic and/or professional;

Entrepreneurship: Supporting and promoting initiatives that generate income and contribute to the development of entrepreneurial businesses

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