Support to Entrepreneurship

Cielo supports and promotes initiatives that enable income generation and contribute to the development of entrepreneurial businesses in the country. Fostering entrepreneurship is a cross-pillar to the Company’s activities.

1,000 women project 1,000 women project

In this scenario, Cielo is proud to support the 1000 Women Program developed by SEBRAE-SP, in partnership with 58 partner entities, which has the purpose of transforming the lives of underprivileged women who wish to become the protagonists of their own lives, by promoting entrepreneurship as a means to create jobs, income, and social inclusion. In 2019, the program has already trained and changed the lives of over 2,500 women from North to South of São Paulo.

In addition, Cielo wants to help micro-entrepreneurs in all of Brazil to set up shop and grow. With that in mind, we created a website for people who wish to become entrepreneurs, providing information for those who are just starting out or want to recycle their knowledge. The website offers free material on various subjects to settle doubts, manage your business, and expand your knowledge base.